Final Group Projects

This page provides the final revised fivethirtyeight R package vignettes created as a Group Project by Chester Ismay’s Spring 2017 Social Statistics Course at Pacific University. In the spirit of reproducible research, here is a link to all source code/data for these projects.

  1. Police Killings in Western U.S. During 2015 - By Kelsey Graczyk, Cydni Mullikin, and Tia Kinilau

  2. What Contributes to Bad Driving? - By Lina Kleinschmidt, Emily McLain, and Taylor Yoshiura

    • Additional CSV file included in analysis to create larger groupings of division and region for each state
    • Another CSV file providing the precipitation for each state
  3. The Demographics of 2015 Police Killing Victims - By Alicia Fox, Bree Malloy, and Jalaena DiPasquale

  4. How Many Fucks Does Tarantino Give? - By Olivia Barrows, Jojo Miller, and Jayla Nakayama

  5. Comparison of Quentin Tarantino Movies by Box Office and the Bechdel Test - By Garrett Wedge, Natasha Halstvedt, and Micah Nakamoto

  6. Drug of Choice Among Teens and Beer & Wine Comparison among Canada, Mexico, and USA - By Jeremy Kaufman, Alicia Ortigoza, Alexandra Reyes, and Daisy Rizo

  7. College Majors, Employment Rates, and Unemployment Rates - By Fernando Careaga and Hannah Kantor-O’Neil

    • Additional CSV file included in analysis to create larger grouping of division
  8. The Effects of Population on Murders in Big Cities - By Sarah Alanis, Rachel Carlson, and Ariel Rigwood

  9. How Do Household Income and Race Contribute to the Number of Killings by Police? - By Karla Maldonado, Brady O’Keefe, and Jeriko Santos